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An Innovative Bathroom Aid Your Customers Want & Need

The Splatter Shield isn't just an item of convenience, it's a necessity. Its unique design saves your customers the frustration and back ache of having to sanitize the bathroom every time after a potty misfire. Its egg-shaped dome saves walls and floors from poor trajectories, funneling everything back into the toilet itself.

What makes our toilet guard such a hot item is its versatility. While it certainly can be marketed as a potty training aid, it is also exceptionally helpful for individuals with disabilities, the elderly, and parents with autistic children.

Ready to Sell

The Splatter Shield is pre-barcoded and ready for resale. Its patent-pending design allows multiple units to be stacked on top of each other, saving valuable shelf space. Each unit features a clip that allows them to be hung if shelf space is unavailable. They can also be placed in open boxes and displayed along with other impulse items.

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Contact us in Magnolia, Texas, right away to place your order today. We offer fantastic discounts on high-volume orders. The more you buy, the more you save, which results in higher profits.


"My mom, Sherry McCormick, bought a toilet seat guard about two weeks ago for my son with special needs, who is potty trained but has zero aiming skills. Oh my gosh... It is amazing! We love it so much; I shared your link with a group on FB, so far there are 71 likes and lots of people who say they will be ordering one or more. Just wanted to give y'all a heads up! Thanks so much for designing this. It's the best thing since diapers!"
-Steven G.

"Have you seen a jump in sales this week? Just curious if my FB friends actually ordered after saying they wanted to. I sure hope so! Your invention is truly amazing and has changed our lives."

This works great for my autistic son. We have been using this for years. He has grown out of it now and still needs one. We need one taller now to grow with him. 

Works Great!
We use this for my eleven year old who has special needs. So far it works great! He feels better about not making a mess and of course I love that I don't have to clean his floor several times a day. I would recommend this product to anyone with little boys.


great idea
This is a great product. It has made potty training easy and less messy. He does it all himself and we dont have to clean up the walls afterwards.

great idea
"We haven't actually tried it out yet, but it arrived very quickly. One of the reasons that I went ahead and bought this potty shield was because it looks like an easy product to use to prevent a disaster in the bathroom. My little boy is only 15 months and isn't quick ready for it, but they grow fast and I want to be ready."

no more paint
My son was potty traing and always waited till I was busy to tell me. He needed to urinate so bad he was about to go in the spot he was standing in so then he would run to the tolite and go all over his pants the rug and the walls. After i got this he actually started going on his own. Its a life saver or a wall saver.

Absolutely, positively LOVE it!! It saved me from having to clean my little boys bathroom everyday. I would recommend this, whole heartedly, to any mother.

great item
This shield is just great for protecting your walls and wallpaper from the mis-aim of your little boys. Being the mother of twin boys this has been a lifesaver from washing walls and floors on a daily basis. Would recommend, in fact i am buying another one.

Shipped Quickly
I absolutely love this product. I have two boys, ages 10 and 7, it has absolutely spared us from having to repaint the wall and radiator situated near the toilet. Having a young, autistic boy helped tremendously during potty training. Have recommended to many parents and teachers, as well, No more smelly floors and walls. Thank You for this wonderful invention.


Absolutely Fabulous!!
I love this thing sooo much. I had originally purchased the peter potty but it was too much of a hassle emptying it out, especially when he got the hang of it. My 3 yr. now goes without hesitation, absolutely loves it, feels like a big boy! I have a hand held water sprayer attached to the toilet and just rinse it off when he's done. Whoever invented this is a genius!

the splatter shield

They can be placed nicely on a shelf.

the splatter shieldThey can be placed in display boxes and be stacked upright.
the splatter shield
If shelf and floor space is not an option, they can be hung on a chip clip and be placed in any aisle, especially your impulse aisles.